However,, she are a really bad mommy, given that she was leaving their own young man by yourself to generally meet along with her companion

However,, she are a really bad mommy, given that she was leaving their own young man by yourself to generally meet along with her companion

New Siguanaba

“The latest Siguanaba” is actually a good Salvadoran mythological profile that displays so you can herself during the a phantom female setting and beautiful looks. But, once you look at her closely she’s see your face regarding an effective mare.

Always, she goes for into dudes that happen to be unfaithful, and additionally looks frequently into the uninhabited metropolises, especially in brand new dumps, ravines, and you may streams, in which she prospects the guys toward dying which have a phony fantasy of like, and you can means they are fall-in a great ravine that triggers losing of your own soul (It’s such as the charm of one’s mermaids).

New Legend

She are originally entitled Sihuehuet (breathtaking woman), regarding myths got an event to your son of your God “Tlaloc”, and this became expecting. Whenever Tlaloc found out the thing that was taking place, Sihuehuet was cursed toward term: “Sihuanaba” and thus (unappealing lady). She would end up being breathtaking initially, however when guys approach their, she’d change and get a terrible being having a terrifying ugly face.

This new God doomed their particular to wander the fresh new countryside, with the purpose out-of lookin on dudes you to travels alone later in the day. The fresh local people of the world say that this new ghost seems in the evening about streams of your Salvador, always washing attire and always trying to find his son named “Cipitio”, that was offered having eternal youngsters, because of the Goodness Tlaloc who had the purpose of to torture Sihuanaba.

According to the legend, all people that spend the evening regarding the forest of the latest Salvador are most likely to locate their particular. Although not, she pursue the newest men in love, “The new Don Juans just who brag regarding their sexual activities”.

To these, the new Siguanaba appears to all of them in virtually any container drinking water later during the nights, otherwise on the finance companies from canals considering most other models. To the, new Siguanaba seems to them in any container away from water, very late at night, or on financial institutions of your own rivers based on almost every other versions. She rinses by herself with silver liquids when you look at the a forest and you may brushes their own stunning black hair with a wash of the same steel, their unique breathtaking person is found by way of her transparent nightgown.

Some living speak about the people exactly who goes in love getting their own looks comes after their particular because time new Siguanaba calls in order to their own sufferers, and you can make all of them to own a right up ravine. Upcoming, shows her face if they have earned it, a facial soft regarding a dead, with vision out of their sockets, both of them reddish because the blood, together with their ceramic epidermis smooth and you can sensitive gets wrinkled and you can greenish, their own nails develop and, the worst thing of the many, is certainly the sound away from their unique raucous laugh of nightmare which paralyzes toward listener.

To cease dropping the brand new heart while the lives in general, the guy must bite a mix otherwise a good medal and you will hope so you can Goodness. A different way to eliminate the bad dictate of Siguanaba, is always to build a great effort and also reached as often that you could so you’re able to their. Upcoming, sit on the floor into the look in new heavens, required out of touching and you will remove which have energy her hair.

Including, you can certainly do one last situation, Remove of one’s leaf official site of a forest and while she draws for you. Such as this the brand new Siguanaba might possibly be scared while the she will believe some body pulls their hair. This is basically the strongest routine to finish that it spirit, (it is similar to the brand new antidote one to counteracts new worst powers from it enchanting woman).

For those who view a female regarding the streams of your own Salvador and you want to know when it?s or perhaps not, this new Siguanaba, is yelling three times: “No te vas good ir Maria pata de- gallina” which means: “You are not going anywhere crabgrass Mary”; in case it is the brand new Siguanaba, she will be scared and certainly will place by herself about ravine, when the she wasn’t, individuals simply will tell you you are in love, but at the very least you may spend the fresh frighten.